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Civilian missions under the CSDP

Question écrite de M. Tom VANDENKENDELAERE - Commission européenne


Diffusée le 6 novembre 2023

Subject: Civilian missions under the CSDP

One of the four pillars of the European Strategic Compass for Security and Defence focuses on crisis management. The main levers the EU has in this domain are rooted in the CSDP and the missions carried out under that policy. In 2023, as agreed in the Strategic Compass, the EU published the new pact for civilian CSDP missions.

1. This pact aims to develop the capacity to deploy CSDP missions with a team of 200 experts within 30 days and to do so by 2027. The Strategic Compass had the same ambition but had committed to developing this capability already by mid-2023. Why has this timeline been revised?

2. The pact talks about independent impact and effectiveness assessments of CSDP missions by the end of 2023. Does the HR/VP intend to share these assessments with Parliament?

3. The pact mentions that Member States will contribute more to civilian aspects of the CSDP from 2023. Can the HR/VP provide an overview of these increased contributions, broken down by Member State?

Submitted: 7.11.2023

Réponse - Commission européenne

Diffusée le 17 décembre 2023

Answer given by High Representative/Vice-President Borrell i Fontelles on behalf of the European Commission (18 December 2023)

1. The Strategic Compass (1) states that a new Civilian Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) Compact will be adopted by mid-2023, entailing measures to increase the effectiveness of civilian CSDP missions, including the ability to deploy 200 experts within 30 days. Following the adoption of the new Compact (2) in May 2023, this goal is actively being pursued and will require further efforts, such as strengthened headquarters for civilian CSDP missions and rapidly deployable contributions from Member States. The ability to deploy 200 experts in 30 days continues to represent one of the goals for improving rapid response in civilian CSDP.

2. Distribution of civilian CSDP impact evaluation reports will be determined by the evaluation methodology, which will be developed in the spring of 2024. All information sharing related to individual civilian CSDP missions is conducted in accordance with the Council decisions on the respective mission.

3. Member States committed to providing increased contributions to civilian CSDP from 2023 onwards through national implementation plans and a civilian capability development process that will be set up in 2024. In 2023, Member States’ staff contributions increased from 60% of all international staff in missions on 1 January 2023 to 62.2% seconded by Member States as of 31 October 2023. Currently, Member States (as well as contributing third states in small numbers) provide 813 seconded personnel out of a total of 1 307 international staff members across all civilian CSDP missions.

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