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Creation of an agency for road safety

Question écrite de M. Ciarán CUFFE - Commission européenne

Question de M. Ciarán CUFFE,

Diffusée le 12 mars 2024

Subject: Creation of an agency for road safety

Given the tens of thousands of people who lose their lives or are seriously injured on Europe’s roads every year, more must urgently be done to address road safety. The Commission set 2022 as a deadline for assessing the need for a road transport agency as part of its Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy (COM(2020)0789), while back in October 2021 Parliament called on the Commission to establish a road safety agency in its resolution on road safety.

In light of this:

1. Could the Commission provide an update on this assessment and its conclusions? Will the assessment be made public and if so, when?

2. Could the Commission provide as extensive a list as possible of all the tasks such an agency would perform?


Réponse - Commission européenne

Diffusée le 5 juin 2024

Answer given by Ms Vălean on behalf of the European Commission

(6 June 2024)

In its Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy (1), the Commission committed to ‘explore options to further support safe, smart and sustainable road transport operations under an existing agency or another body’.

In November 2022, the Commission launched a feasibility study. The study explores shortcomings in the current policy implementation and governance set-up as regards road transport with a view to enable swifter deployment of innovation and new technologies for smart and sustainable road transport, supporting the competitiveness of the EU automotive industry while pursuing the EU environmental and road safety objectives.

The study investigates the economic, technical, legal, as well as financial feasibility of different scenarios in terms of governance structure for meeting the identified needs.

While the feasibility study has been completed, the Commission’s assessment has not been finalised yet and internal discussions are still ongoing.

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