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Delayed start to the construction of the semiconductor factory in Ensdorf, Saarland

Question écrite de M. Jan-Christoph OETJEN - Commission européenne

Question de M. Jan-Christoph OETJEN,

Diffusée le 7 mars 2024

Subject: Delayed start to the construction of the semiconductor factory in Ensdorf, Saarland

Semiconductor manufacturer Wolfspeed is planning to build a semiconductor factory in cooperation with ZF in Ensdorf, Saarland, and has already received initial confirmation of funding from the German Government. EU funding is also in the pipeline. The company has now announced that the start of construction will be delayed.

1. What is the Commission’s assessment of this project, and will it offer it support in the form of concrete measures or European project funding?

2. To the Commission’s knowledge, what stage is the project at, in particular the expected timeline for the start and completion of construction, and when manufacture is likely to commence?

3. Does the Commission know of any IPCEI funding application for this project, or of any suitable alternative funding programmes for such projects?


Réponse - Commission européenne

Diffusée le 17 avril 2024

Answer given by Executive Vice-President Vestager on behalf of the European Commission (18 April 2024)

On 8 June 2023, the Commission approved the Important Project of Common European Interest in Microelectronics and Communication Technologies (IPCEI ME/CT), which encompasses 68 individual projects, including a joint project of ZF and Wolfspeed. ZF’s and Wolfspeed’s project concerns investments in developing and deploying a highly advanced wafer fabrication facility in Ensdorf. (1)

In its decision approving the IPCEI ME/CT, the Commission approved the maximum level of state aid for each participating project. It is at the discretion of the German authorities to determine the level of state aid within the approved maximum and the schedule of aid disbursements.

The Commission has no influence on whether and when the approved state aid will be actually paid out. At this stage, the Commission cannot comment either whether ZF or Wolfspeed will receive any EU funding.

The Commission is aware of reports in the media alleging certain delays in the project implementation. The Commission will closely monitor the implementation of all participating projects.

To facilitate such monitoring, it will receive comprehensive information in the form of annual reports on the progress and implementation of all projects participating in the IPCEI ME/CT by July 2024.

1 ∙ ⸱ Press release of the Commission following the approval of the IPCEI ME/CT | | ( | | )

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