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Erasmus+ programme

Question écrite de M. David MCALLISTER - Commission européenne

Question de M. David MCALLISTER,

Diffusée le 13 octobre 2021

Subject: Erasmus+ programme

The Erasmus programme is one of the EU’s success stories. Since its launch in 1987, around 4.4 million young people have had the opportunity to benefit from an intercultural stay abroad. Participants have the chance to enjoy formative experiences in terms of both mobility and understanding.

With the Erasmus+ programme, which is set to run from 2021 to 2027, the EU has taken the next step and made European cooperation accessible to new sections of the population. Various types of stay abroad and cross-border cooperation have been significantly simplified as a result.

1. How does the Commission plan to promote exchanges between graduates of the Erasmus programme and students who are considering an Erasmus semester?

2. Does the Commission have any plans to set up a forum to bring together students who are considering an Erasmus semester with students who have had the experience and can therefore explain the educational and cultural benefits of studying abroad?

3. Is the Commission looking into the possibility of a virtual ‘study abroad’ fair where all European universities could present their study programmes and the cultural advantages of their country in order to attract foreign students?

Réponse - Commission européenne

Diffusée le 13 février 2022

Answer given by Ms Gabriel on behalf of the European Commission

(14 February 2022)

The Commission promotes exchanges between Erasmus+ graduates and students considering an Erasmus+ mobility by supporting, under the Erasmus+ programme, the Erasmus Student and Alumni Alliance (ESAA) (1) as well as two regional students and alumni networks: the western Balkans Alumni Association (WBAA) and the African Students and Alumni Forum (ASAF). They organise and take part in awareness-raising and information activities, and provide advice to students, mobility scholarship holders, and alumni.

The Commission funds the Study in Europe fairs (2) and the Capacity Building projects in Higher Education (CBHE) Virtual Fair (3), where higher education institutions promote their activities towards prospective students. In addition, the Commission participates in similar initiatives, including the annual EAIE conference (4), where higher education institutions network form the basis for organising students’ exchanges.

One of the goals of the European Year of Youth 2022 (5), co-created with young people and stakeholders, will be to promote opportunities available to young people such as the ones described above.

⋅1∙ ESAA is an umbrella platform including four partner organisations gathering Erasmus+ European and international students and alumni worldwide: the Erasmus

Students Network (ESN); the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA); garagErasmus (gE) and the Organisation for Cooperation, Exchange and Networking (OCEANS)


⋅3∙ CBHE Virtual Fair 2021 — ERASMUS+ (


⋅5∙ European Youth Portal can be accessed for more information (

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