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European presence in the Indo-Pacific

Question écrite de M. Tom VANDENKENDELAERE - Commission européenne


Diffusée le 9 février 2024

Subject: European presence in the Indo-Pacific

The European Union and its Member States have a long history of involvement with the Indo-Pacific. The growing importance of the region for the global economy has compelled the EU to have a stronger presence there, including militarily. In 2022, the EU Strategic Compass also articulated the ambition to deepen the European presence in 2023 through new maritime exercises in the region in cooperation with our partners.

1. Have the intended maritime exercises already taken place?

2. Has the war in Ukraine had an impact on European commitments towards the Indo-Pacific?


Réponse - Commission européenne

Diffusée le 19 mars 2024

Answer given by High Representative/Vice-President Borrell i Fontelles on behalf of the European Commission (20 March 2024)

In line with the EU strategy for Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific (1) and the EU Strategic Compass (2), the EU seeks to enhance regional security in the Indo-Pacific, through strengthening security and defence partnerships, holding regular dialogues and consultations and engaging in more operational cooperation, including joint naval exercises with Indo-Pacific partners.

In 2022-2023, the EU Naval Force (EUNAVFOR) Operation ATALANTA (3) conducted successful joint naval exercises with Indo-Pacific partners including with India, Indonesia, Japan and the Republic of Korea.

In March 2023, it conducted the first-ever joint naval exercise with the United States. The EU Critical Maritime Routes in the Indo-Pacific (CRIMARIO) project (4) expanded its support to Indo-partners on maritime domain awareness.

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has further highlighted the importance of cooperation and collective action, including in the Indo-Pacific. The principles at stake in Ukraine are not just European: they are global. And the consequences of this war are being felt far beyond Europe.

This was also highlighted at the third EU Indo-Pacific Ministerial Forum, held in Brussels on 2 February 2024 (5). The Ministerial Forum provided a unique, high-level platform that reiterated the EU’s continuous commitment to the Indo-Pacific.

It demonstrated the EU’s willingness to further develop partnerships in the region and emphasised EU’s role as a smart enabler for peace and security, helping to build the capacities of partners in the region on maritime security, cybersecurity, counterterrorism and foreign information manipulation and interference.

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